Goalkeeper DIY

Goalkeeper DIY

DIY (Do it Yourself) idea comes from getting asked many of times by players and (parents of keepers and players over the years) what exercises can they do away from their coach, on their own that can help them develop their playing. So this new section in  - DIY - Is all about recommending products that will help those who are serious about developing their game outside of their team coach.

IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE: As some of these products are from other companies, their shipping time is between 7-30 days, and so these products will come separate from any Goalkeeper Gloves Canada  product you may order. So please bear this in mind when ordering.

10pcs Stretchy Flexible Fingers Sleeve Support


2in1 Agility Speed Ladder


3pc Agility Hurdle Set


Finger Strenght Trainier 3KG-4KG


Goalkeeper Rebounder


Hand Held Rebounder


Jump Trainer


Kick Solo Trainer


Passing Arc (Collapsible)


Punching Reaction Ball


Rubber Round Markers


Slalom Poles


Speed Skipping Jump Rope

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