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There is nothing worse when training on your own, especially practicing goal kicks and you spend 90% of your time chasing after the ball that you have just kicked. This time could be best spent actually practicing your kicks.

But with the kick solo trainer, this allows you to just that. Now you zero time chasing the ball, so 100% of your time is focused on practicing your kicks.

To help soccer players to practice shooting, passing, receiving, juggling, ball control and throw-ins and much more.
To help to improve the skills
Adjustable waist belt with good quality buckle fastening allows for a comfortable fit.
Elastic strap with good quality velcro fastening to tie the ball firmly.
Material: Nylon (elastic)
Color: Black
Tile length: 2.5m/8.20ft
Stretch length: 5m/16.40ft (max.)
Quantity: 1pc

Package Content:

1x Soccer Kick Trainer – Ball Not Included



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